My Chinese Electric Stew Pot

So I have what I’ve been told is called a Chinese electric stew pot.  It has an "off" setting (obviously), a "low" setting, a "high" setting, and an "automatic" setting.  I have spent the last hour trying to find somewhere on the internet to tell me what the "automatic" setting is for.  Where are all those helpful expats in China when you need them?? Not blogging about their electric stew pots, obviously.  At last after some long searching, I have learned that the "automatic" setting is for dry cooking.  Not sure what that is, but I think it means I can cook rice on that setting and it knows when to switch itself to "low".  I’ll have to give it a try and see.  If you happen to know anyone who knows better than my guess, have them send me a message or comment.  I’d appreciate it.  I might even try cooking bread on that setting… hmm.

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