Will it Kindle?

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Will It Kindle?


I’ve been sorting the books we need to bring with us for Meg’s senior year of homeschool. Some things are
obvious that we need to bring: the math books and DVDs, books by small
publishers, textbooks and workbooks, a decent atlas, and so on. It gets harder
when you start to consider the "real books" that we want to have with
us for learning purposes. I keep having to search Amazon and Project Gutenberg to see if
we can put it on the Kindle
instead of bringing the tome. This can save us a lot of weight in shipping, but
it takes some time to look everything up. Some things I expect to be at Project
Gutenberg, but they aren’t. Good thing I checked.

Got one more doctor appointment out of the way today, and started Jace drilling
math and English so his brain will be in gear for the admission exam for the
international school. Sure hope Sara
remembers what she learned last year…

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