Making Salve to Take Along

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Making Salve to Take Along


Today was spent making our family’s favorite skin salve. We
call it Boo-Boo Goo. It’s great for insect bites or stings, or cuts. It seems
to decrease irritation and help the wound heal quickly. I made a double batch
because of requests from some family members. We want to be able to take some
with us to China.
I don’t want to have to figure out what the Chinese equivalent is. It’s a long,
slow process but it was a good occupation while I waited for my girls to come
home from camp (covered in mosquito bites!).

Monday will be a soap day, I think, since I also want to take about a year’s
supply of homemade soap with us (I KNOW China’s Customs officials would
frown on bringing the chemicals necessary to make soap over there!).

A friend died today. I think that after her long battle with cancer, she can
finally have peace and rest. I only hope her family can too. I pray for them.

Tomorrow is Independence Day. Besides running the Provo Freedom Festival 5K, and
enjoying some picnics with family, I plan to take a few minutes to re-read the
document that started it all. You can read it too if you click here.
Happy Holiday!

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