Independence Day

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Independence Day


One thing I am really glad about with this move to China
thing. We will come back to the U.S.
every summer. I am so happy that we will be here for the 4th of July. I think
we probably will be very glad for a heavy dose of "God Bless America"
and "The Star-Spangled Banner". Besides that, today I ran the Provo Freedom Festival 5K the
whole distance. I have never run that far before and I would like to do that
race again. Erin and Jace also did it. Brad ran the 10K. Yea! To top it all off
we had the big family 4th of July picnic. It wouldn’t be a properly celebrated
holiday without everyone there playing games together. Especially the candy bar

Tonight we will once again go to park along with the Stadium of Fire crowd and
have a picnic, games, and watch the fireworks. Ooo… aaah… ohhh…

Tomorrow the guys leave for Timberline Scout leadership training all week.
Hopefully the girls and I can get a lot done at home to make progress toward
moving. Only 23 days left!

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