Sticks, Not Soap Today

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Sticks, Not Soap Today


Part of me keeps waiting to receive news that, "never
mind, you’re not going to China
after all," but the news never comes. Although if the passports don’t
hurry up and get here, it just might happen. They are supposed to be here by
the 8th. We paid a fortune in expedite fees, so they’d better hurry up.

I’m starting to feel the time crunch. Partly because Brad is at Timberline
Scout Camp and I’m not sure what to pack, and partly because things keep coming
up that seem to eat time. We need to get the car’s registration and inspection
renewed, new tires (here’s expensive: new tires on 4 cars in 2 months!), and an
oil change and tune-up. I need to get sealed grade transcripts for
school applications, try to keep a running list of what we should bring, and oh
yeah! half a bazillion passport photos (well maybe not quite that many).

At some point this week I need to get some sunshine. The eczema on my leg is
FINALLY almost gone thanks to the sun and vitamin D and I want that to continue
to be a happy thing. (When all else fails, do what the dermatologist first
recommended, lol.)

Today was not a soap day. It was a stick day. We finally got rid of all the
pruned branches and the bush stumps that we recently dug up (and some not so
recently). Tomorrow will not be a soap day either. It will be a funeral and
dentist day; neither of which are the cause of nor contributing to the other
circumstance. 🙂

For a Girls’ Night FHE (Family Home Evening), we went to the Dollar
Movies. Best deal in town on a Monday, $2 for 4 people. I almost felt like I
was stealing, the price is so ridiculously low on Mondays, I had to laugh. We
went and saw the Hannah Montana Movie. That is a silly but fun show, with some
make-you-move music. It was actually nice to go to a show where I didn’t worry
about "naughty scenes" or language.

At this point, I’m too tired to think about anything more to write.

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