Dashing Around

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Dashing Around


Today was crazy, but the Lord’s hand must be in our efforts
because the timing of everything worked out OK. Jace and I spent the day
dashing from one appointment to the next trying to make sure all body parts are
in working order. Teeth are good as long as he brushes well, ears are good as
long as he actually want’s to hear what you are saying. 🙂 We made it home
from the appointments just in time for me to remember my appointment with the
sister missionaries. After that Jace cooked dinner – yea!

Brad and Jace and I went to the book store to look at some Chinese Mandarin
language resources. Always read the reviews on Amazon before
you fork out the big bucks! Doing this saved us a lot of money. We did not buy
the very expensive "big
name" language program
after all. Turns out the format doesn’t work so
well in Chinese, though it’s great in many other languages. We bought some
other resources for a lot less money that will work out better for us. We still
plan to get some other things but we will wait till we are in China for that.

We also heard today that a friend of ours is moving to the same area to teach
at the "international school". Wouldn’t it be something if he was
teaching at the same school our kids were going to? It will be strange enough
to know someone else in the church branch we’ll attend. Small world.

Apparently Google and China
are having some challenges getting along, and Google was cut off in China for a
couple of hours last week. If there are bigger problems that develop and you
think I may not have email access to gmail, send email to my alternate address
(I will never check this unless there is a problem with gmail or Google) which
is: ilovewarmsocks2@yahoo.com . I hope there won’t be any lasting difficulty,
but it pays to be prepared.

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