Catching Up

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Catching Up


So, to catch up some of you who haven’t been talking to us
for the last week or so, here’s the general set-up (or breakdown depending on
the moment 😉 ):

We are moving to Clifford Estates, Guangzhou,
China. The college
students will stay here and work their hiney’s off (besides someone has to take
care of the dog and cats). The younger ones will be attending an international
school. The timing for getting all the documents in order seems to be coming
right down to the wire, so keep us in your prayers, we can use all the help we
can get. Meg will continue her
homeschool studies for her senior year of high school.

We will likely be living in China
for several years, with long vacations to the U.S. in the summers. We’re hoping
to be able to work in Girls’ Camp with our "home ward" for Sara each year and maybe some sort of Scout trip for

We will be attending an English-speaking branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints
, composed of international members of the Church. We are
not allowed to meet with members who are citizens of China, and proselyting is

Brad will have a long commute to work everyday, and the kids’ school is about a
half-hour bus ride from where we will likely live. No, we don’t have an exact
place chosen yet, that’s why we are leaving on the 27th of July. (YIKES!) Any
other questions?

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