Another day with COVID-19…

My eyeballs have snot coming out of them. That’s attractive.

I found this in my FB newsfeed the other day. Chin up, everyone! Better days are coming! ❤️

Honestly, there’s not much new to add today. My face is still leaking goo from every orifice. I’m still taking vitamin supplements like nobody’s business. Did you know if you take enough vitamin C your urine will look like an orange beverage? Eew. TMI sorry.

I am actually feeling more energetic today, probably because I actually slept last night, in spite of the crazy wind storm that came through.

I haven’t listened to binaural beats recordings for the past couple of days because my ears just hurt too much, and the headphones aggravate them. Fortunately I’m not coughing lots, since that is the main way I deal with a bad cough at night.

In spite of the colorful bathroom experience, I’m continuing to take so much vitamin C because I notice a difference in my pain/discomfort level. I still have the rash in my mouth and throat and I am taking actual OTC pain meds for that as well as my sinuses, but I have also continued with all the supplements for two reasons :

  1. I feel like they are helping. They aren’t a magic cure, but they are helping my body fight the good fight. I notice when they are wearing off and it’s time to take more.
  2. If/when you megadose with vitamins, it’s important that when you are feeling better, you don’t just quit taking them all of a sudden. The backlash your body will feel from that could make you relapse or fall prey to a new sickness. Don’t abruptly stop vitamin C, or your cells may think you’ve suddenly come down with scurvy. If you use nutrition or supplements as medicine, you need to respect it like medicine. Take the time to learn and be careful.

Disclaimer: This is not me telling or recommending that anyone do what I am doing. I’m sharing my experience so others can figure out their own path through this mess. Please talk to your healthcare provider for medical advice.

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