It Will All Work Out In The End.

It will all work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.

I don’t remember who said it. 😏

What a day/week/month! I’ve got alien removal surgery scheduled two days from now, and in preparation for that, today I drove 3 hours south to Dr. Rebel’s main office for a pre-surgical IV vitamin C treatment. (It’s a bunch of vitamins, not only C.) I’ll have another one this weekend, post-op, but I will be able to have it done at his weekend clinic here locally, thank heaven.

I dropped a piece of egg yolk on the ground and a little ant found it and hustled it to its home!

The drive south today was blissfully uneventful, but this morning as I was leaving home, I discovered a serious problem with the brakes on Mr. Hot Stuff’s SUV. (My baby SUV is temporarily out of commission for freeway driving while we wait for parts to arrive.) Anyway, this brake problem was BAD, BAD, BAD. So Mr. Hot Stuff called Sergio The Magnificent, our mechanic, and he rushed into his shop earlier than he’d planned and went to work on the problem. He had me back on the road in 45 minutes, which worked out okay in the end after I called the doctor to explain what was going on.

That’s not Mountain Dew!

I’m so grateful for all the people who are so kind and generous with their time, and patience, and willingness to help. It amazes me sometimes, and it makes me want to pass it on, and be a better person.

I got to have my turn at getting a pre-surgery COVID-19 test. 😳 Not my favorite experience, but I survived. 😉 No matter the test results, the doctor assures me that the surgery will go on, because there remains a possibility that it could be cancer. I really don’t think it is. My pre-op blood tests have no cancer markers, the chest x-ray was normal, the EKG is normal. I don’t even think my gynecologist thinks it’s cancer. But it might be, and the hospitals locally are not exactly full of patients having elective surgeries right now, so pushing through a possible cancer surgery helps them pay their bills. (I’m not as cynical about this as I may come across here. I need the surgery, regardless.)

Last week we took a camping trip, which was so nice. It’s good to be outside in the mountains. It was nice to take a break from internet noise, and news, and phone calls, and text messages. Even if it was also sometimes inconvenient not to have communication ability. I confess, it was nice to come home to a bed, though.

The joy of having a whole apple to yourself, no matter that it keeps falling in the dirt!
“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.” – Katrina Mayer

This is clearly not one of my most fluently organized posts, but I felt I should update a bit of what’s happening, even if my brain still feels like I’m driving down the curvy canyon road. (Long drives mess up my equilibrium.)

Book of Mormon, Alma 38:4-5

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