Finding Faith When I’m Surrounded By Fear

It’s not a magic carpet, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend.

I STILL am waiting to find out for sure when my surgery will be. Most likely it will be near the end of August, which would be about as perfect as I can get as far as timing. I’ll be glad to have it over.

In the depths of all of this cancer/probably-not-cancer situation, there have been some things that have really helped me to keep the whirling crazies out of my head.

Studying my scriptures helps me so much. When I was younger, I always thought when I read old books and there were characters who were ill and only wanted the Bible read to them, that they were just, well, old. I considered it a staid and empty answer to pain and sorrow. I realize now that mostly I just lacked experience to be able to understand.

Another thing that has helped me is meditation. The importance of taking time for stillness, both mental and physical, is something that my counselor has helped me to understand and I find the practice to be a blessing.

But sometimes, I’ve struggled to pull myself off of the mental fright-ride to do any of those things. But I found a couple of YouTube videos that are meditations on God’s promises and reassurance from the Bible. They’re not sermons, but simply Bible verses read in a calm, encouraging voice by Pastor Steven Furtick, and listening to them has made ALL the difference for me when the nights are long and sleep is elusive.

I made a playlist of those two meditations and one song (The Prayer) that helps me to find peace and calm comfort so I can sleep. I love so much how they help me sleep that I have been listening to them most nights.

In case someone else could also use the help that comes from these, I’m sharing them here.

The Prayer – Matt and Savanah Shaw

Meditating On God’s Word 1st one.

Meditating on God’s Word also.

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