My New Full-Time Job

I have a specific purpose in mind mind for the journaling I’m doing right now. I learn and think in multicolored ways and the journaling is one aspect of that. But another reason I’m doing it is because someone asked me to, and I thought they were wise.

It’s always interesting though to realize that God’s ways are not mankind’s ways, and sometimes he has a different purpose in mind than what we may have initially planned. I at first thought that I could do a quick reading through, sketch a little on the pages, mark a few verses, make a couple of notes and be done in an hour or so every day.

That, apparently, is not what Heavenly Father had in mind. He has me thinking about this all the time. I find myself looking for meaning where I may have missed it. I constantly wonder if there are parallels I haven’t noticed. I ask more questions. This has turned into my full-time research and writing project. I’m reading every page well over five times. Nothing else is getting done. At some point I know I have to put the laundry away and vacuum. I do a quick clean of the bathrooms when I go in there to use it. I’ve had to set a recurring alarm to remind me to stand up and stretch every half hour.

At least Mr. Hot Stuff is cool with it. I could never have done this while my kids were little, and there is no way I could work another job and put this much focus into scripture journaling.

That is my caveat to tell you that it’s okay if this is not what God has called you to in the season of life you are living. This isn’t a contest or comparison thing. It’s not a beauty pageant or a talent contest.

This is just me trying to follow Nephi’s example by doing what the Spirit prompts me to do. I will have some fails along the way. I don’t feel especially qualified to expound with any level of expertise on scripture. But I am good at learning, and that’s what I’m really doing here. I’m letting you peek into my learning process. And even still, I can’t come close to getting the half of what I’ve learned onto the page. I find myself praying for grace more than ever, that I can see what I’m blind to, and write what I don’t have words to say.

I’m gleaning from resources all over the place and it all comes onto the page in a very personalized way. I’m learning and studying so fast that I can’t generally give specific credit because the ideas all merge together and come out in ways that apply uniquely to myself. If you would like me to pass along some of my resources I’m learning from, I’m happy to do that. Let me know in the comments. My experience is that generally people don’t click through to the links I put in my blog posts, so I haven’t been adding them in. It adds a bunch of time to the process, but I’m happy to share if you want.

Also, I’ve noticed that the menu button on the screen for mobile devices is not working. I’m working on figuring that issue out. Thanks for your patience.

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