Today Was Not What I Expected

I’ve spent the last six weeks trying to recover from from Monster Bronchitis, and on Wednesday I was feeling so much better that I thought it would be nice to get some physical movement in, so Mr. Hot Stuff and I walked to the nearest grocery store to get a few things. He, being a real gentleman, carried the two shopping bags home. It was a beautiful walk in a New Year’s winter wonderland.

Thursday, Mr. HS commented that it seemed like I was coughing more than I had been. Today I woke up feeling like Jack Frost had moved into my lungs and started an ice sculpture contest. You can hear the buzz saws every time I cough. Back to a sedentary lifestyle for me.

This is so aggravating! My counselor would have me do some Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping about that. He’s a pretty observant guy, and I’d like to think I’m not wasting his time and my money, so I’ll get on that as soon as I finish here. If you don’t know about EFT, do a YouTube search. It’s good stuff. (Why didn’t I think to do this earlier???)

Being pretty much shut down physically, has given me plenty of time to think about the new year and my hopes and goals (getting healthier is a big part of my aspirations), as well as focus a little more on this week’s scripture study (Introduction to the Book of Mormon). I’ve been considering how my hopes and goals can support my study of the Book of Mormon, and how my scripture study can help me further my hopes and goals.

To be honest, right now any goal of improving my physical fitness seems so far off as to seem impossible. But I can focus on putting healthy food into my body and I am banking on this promise:

And believe me, I’m asking God plenty of questions and for lots of help to know the direction he wants me to go.

So, because this cough has me on chair-arrest (Did any of you see that commercial with the lady who tied the garage door opener to her ankle and told her husband she was on couch-arrest and would have to stay home and watch the big game rather than go to the fancy holiday party? Oops, tangent, but it was funny.) anyway, back to couch arrest. It means that I’ve been sitting at my desk with a new laptop, a new scripture journal, a new journaling edition of the Book of Mormon, and an astonishing quantity of art supplies for someone who doesn’t make any money from anything she creates.

THEREFORE, (c’mon, get to the point, you dork) I had plenty of time to think some more about these intro pages to the BoM, and journal, and doodle to my heart’s content. How is it possible that there is so much to think about here?!? I always wanted to hurry up and get to the good stuff – the story – but I was totally skunking myself out of some amazing ideas.

So chair-arrest means lots of journal pages and photos. I hope you like some of it. I did cover up my personal list of questions I hope to find answers to. Some thoughts are still too fresh and tender for me to feel comfortable sharing publicly.

Here we go –

That’s what I did in Book of Mormon Journal Edition. Then I had a bunch more thoughts that wouldn’t fit in there, so I started a new scripture study journal. Some of it is duplicate to what I put in the BoM, but I have future plans for that book and feel like I need to keep two records of some things.

There are some remarkable promises made to those who sincerely study the Book of Mormon. At the moment, I’m feeling a real need to act and take those to the bank (metaphorically speaking). Feel free to join me. 😁🙏❤️

Oh, also, I have a friend in Australia, where drought and bushfires are ravaging the countryside. This Sunday, they are having a national day of fasting and prayer to seek divine intervention in getting the fires under control. I have seen the power of prayer firsthand when people unite in prayer and fasting to overcome fires or drought, and on behalf of the people of Australia, I’d like to invite you to join them and me in whatever way you are comfortable. 🙏💚

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