The Fruit of Righteousness is Peace 

“The fruit of righteousness is peace.” I read this verse (in the image above)  today and couldn’t help but think that the world could use more of this kind of thing. The world needs more peacemakers. This past week (for that matter, the past month) has been tumultuous, to say the least. 

Is there something we could each do in the next week that might help bring about more peace?
It’s hard to see how some generic and seemingly unrelated acts of personal  righteousness could impact the peace we have in our daily lives or in the world. How will my keeping the Sabbath day holy affect peace for anyone? Or does it actually matter if I don’t covet my neighbor’s car? What difference does it make if I don’t read scripture or pray every single day? 

It may seem insignificant if we just miss a day or two in our personal devotional efforts, and I don’t really understand how everything is connected. I only know that somehow it is. Somehow, if I take the time to check my thoughts about my neighbor, whether cruel or covetous, it’s easier for me to be kind when I meet him on the street. And who knows how that might impact his day, and from there, others’?

I’m not going to take the time to trace the potential impact of a bunch of righteous or unrighteous choices that we may be faced with each day. I just felt to ask this question – 

What if I made just one personal change this week to be a better person? 

Would it increase my peace? Would it extend to increase the peace of others? Just one little thing?


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