Adding Music To The Dance Steps Of Gospel Living

H. Bullough, 05-2017, Provo Utah Temple

Hearing the music that gives life to the dance steps of gospel living makes all the difference in our endurance. This morning I had the opportunity to go to the temple and refresh my spirit in a deep and meaningful way.

I’ve learned some good things lately and I hope to share some of it at some point soon. However for now, I’m fighting some harsh headaches that make thinking and writing difficult. I came across this video today and appreciated the message it sent. We can go through the motions of living a Christian life, but if we don’t learn to feel it in our hearts, then it’s hard to continue on the path. Feeling it in our hearts (hearing the music) is what gives us the energy and strength to continue on when we become tired.

“When we add music to the dance steps, the sometimes complicated rhythms of marriage and family life tend to move toward a harmonious balance.” – Wilford W. Andersen

If you’d like to read or listen to the original talk that this video was based off of, you can click HERE.

If you want a better idea of what Mormon temples are used for, this is a good little video:


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