Repentance Is Not A Punishment 

How could we ever manage without erasers? The invention of the pencil and the corresponding invention of the eraser is one of the greatest gifts in history. I use them almost every day. When I don’t, this is the sort of mess I make: 

If you want to see the finished product, see my other blog by clicking on the scribbly photo.

Reading this talk today: 
His Daily Guiding Hand – Elder Brough 

“To teach us all that we must do, Jesus Christ led the way by giving the perfect example that we must try to emulate. He pleads with us with arms outstretched to come, follow Him. And when we fail, which we all do, He reminds us, ‘For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent.’ 

“What a wonderful gift! Repentance is not a punishment; it is a privilege. It is a privilege that leads and guides us. No wonder the scriptures declare that we should teach nothing save repentance.” – Elder Brough, April 2017 LDS General Conference 

I love this truth! The command to repent of our sins is not a punishment from Heavenly Father, but a glorious privilege and blessing. How grateful I am for it!


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