Laboring With Diligence

An old water sluice. Glenwood Springs, CO area

Thinking about Jacob 5  and work:

“74 And thus they labored, with all diligence, according to the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard, even until the bad had been cast away out of the vineyard, and the Lord had preserved unto himself that the trees had become again the natural fruit; and they became like unto one body; and the fruits were equal; and the Lord of the vineyard had preserved unto himself the natural fruit, which was most precious unto him from the beginning.”
This stands out to me. I think it’s important to realize that just because we are trying to be doing the Lord’s work, he’s not going to make it all sunshine and daisies. There will be thistles, and splinters, and heavy branches to carry. We will have to sweat, and go to bed with tired muscles, and wake up sore. The Lord’s work is WORK!

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