Learning New Skills

I have awesome neighbors! This afternoon one of them got out his little train and gave rides to the neighborhood kids. Coolest event of the day.

Today I started a project that I’ve been wanting to for quite a while. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a program of personal improvement established for the Young Women (the Young Men have a different one), called the Young Women Personal Progress program. This program focuses on eight different values and is intended to help a youth to draw nearer to Jesus Christ as she sets goals in each of the different areas. It helps to personalize scripture study and to increase desire to live as the Savior taught.

After a couple of false starts, I hope I’ve finally got my legs under me and moving forward to setting and achieving my own goals in the program. I did complete the Personal Progress program when I was a teenager, but that was a lot of years ago and the program has changed significantly since then. I’m excited to do it again.

Today I did some reading about faith and made some notes about my thoughts as I read. I put this all into a special journal, so for this post, the photos are my words.

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