Repentance Is Not a Backup Plan 

Today I read this talk: The Doctrine of Christ – Brian K. Ashton, October 2017 LDS General Conference 
I loved this reminder that “Repentance is not a backup plan just in case our plan to live perfectly fails.” I think sometimes I get caught in the trap of thinking I should be able to live a mistake and sin free life, rather than consistently living a repentance-full life. 

“Samuel the Lamanite taught, “If ye believe on [Christ’s] name ye will repent of all your sins.” Repentance is a precious gift from our Heavenly Father that is made possible through the sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son. It is the process that the Father has given us by which we change, or turn, our thoughts, actions, and our very being so that we become more and more like the Savior. It is not just for big sins but is a daily process of self-evaluation and improvement that helps us to overcome our sins, our imperfections, our weaknesses, and our inadequacies. Repentance causes us to become “true followers” of Christ, which fills us with love and casts out our fears. Repentance is not a backup plan just in case our plan to live perfectly fails. Continual repentance is the only path that can bring us lasting joy and enable us to return to live with our Heavenly Father.”

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