Who Should I Be Connecting With Better?

more-bujoI’m still working on setting up my Bullet Journal. This is a BIG project! Whew!

(Read and Follow the Directions)

Alma was a Book of Mormon prophet who had gone to a certain city to preach the gospel. The people hated him for what he taught and kicked him out. As he was leaving, the Lord told him to turn around and go back and teach the people. In spite of the threats to his life, he quickly obeyed. When he got back to the city, he was hungry, having gone many days without food. He saw Amulek on the street and asked if he would feed a poor man of God. Amulek took him to his house and fed him, and invited him to stay for a time. This simple act of generosity changed Amuleck’s life.
I am pondering how to better understand and act on what I read today. Is there someone I should be better connecting with in order for us both to serve more effectively? How many times have I done something simple for someone else that has had a life long impact on my life or on someone in my family?

President Uctdorf, Learn From Alma And Amulek

“What can you learn from Alma?”
Alma was an exceptionally gifted and capable man. It may have been easy to think that he did not need anyone’s help. Nevertheless, what did Alma do when he returned to Ammonihah?
Alma found Amulek and asked him for help.
And Alma received help.
For whatever reason, sometimes we as leaders are reluctant to find and ask our Amuleks. Perhaps we think that we can do the work better by ourselves, or we are reluctant to inconvenience others, or we assume that others would not want to participate. Too often we hesitate to invite people to use their God-given talents and engage in the great work of salvation.
Think of the Savior—did He begin to establish His Church all alone?
His message was not “Stand back. I’ll handle this.” Rather it was “Come, follow me.” He inspired, invited, instructed, and then trusted His followers “to do the things which ye have seen me do.” In this way, Jesus Christ built up not only His Church but also His servants.

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