Jesus honored his mother and so can you. #lighttheworld 

This post today is naked. No pictures or quotes, because some days just go like that. 

Today was a busy day. We hosted the extended family Christmas party. It was fun to see everyone. I was late though (yes, to the party at my own house) because of a doctor appointment I’d made six weeks ago. I ended up actually splitting the appointment in half, so I could attend the party. I just went back to it after the party. 

I just have to give a HUGE THANKS to everyone for helping with the set up and clean up, both of which I missed. 

Unfortunately I didn’t have the stamina, time,  or phone battery (it was a timing thing) to call and chat with my mom today. But I hope my mother-in-law felt honored today. She’s been through a lot in her life and raised some wonderful children (I know, I married one of them). The fact that the family still loves to get together for these holiday events is a testament to the good work she did raising them. 

I’ll enjoy a nice phone visit with my own mother tomorrow when I’m not all distracted by party things and doctor visits. We will talk about our various medical adventures and the doctors in our lives (haha). 

My nighttime second wind is spent, so today you get to find your own meaningful scripture verses. Read from scripture every day. It will help you recognize the voice and hand of God in your own life. 

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