Till the Storm Passes By

Some nights are long. I imagine folks who experienced Hurricane Matthew know all about that. This will be a long night for many people I love – I know I’ll be going to bed with extra prayers for family members who are struggling and suffering.

scary-storm rainbow-after-the-scary-storm

These two photos were taken within an hour of each other. The storms in life will end, and there will be peace again. Hold on to the things you learned were true and good before the wind started to blow. They will help you through and enable you to see the beauty again.

A dear friend once said we can never judge other people’s lives, because behind every door is a heartache. She is so right. I know that not everyone turns to God for help to get through discouragement and despair, but I don’t know any other way. So tonight, or tomorrow, or whenever you read this, please take a moment to pray to God or send compassionate thoughts to the Universe for the help, safety, and comfort of those who, in this moment, may be having deeper struggles than you are.


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