Spiritual Sneak Attack

(Read and Follow the Directions)

Things I re-learned in church today. It’s cool how old knowledge gets freshend up when you hear someone share their experiences about it.

Today was testimony meeting at church. People stand up and share what they know to be true about the gospel, based on their own experiences. I love how we get to do that, and how hearing other people share helps us all to strengthen each other. Life is full of trials, but they are easier when you know you aren’t the only one struggling through them, and when you have friends and neighbors who help to encourage you through.

It’s funny how things you already know can sneak up on you and just floor you all over again. Today I was reading this chapter and all of a sudden I just felt overwhelmed by the miracle of God’s forgiveness when our repentance is sincere. How great is the goodness of God, for He loves us dearly; and our Elder Brother, Jesus, who is mighty to forgive. We are saved through his perfect and eternal atonement that we may live with them again one day. It is amazing to me how the grace of God can extend to a people who had been known for their violence and hatred toward those they considered their enemies, and even their fellow-men. It gives me great hope, not only for myself, but for all the world. All that is required is to turn to God and repent.

Book of Mormon, Alma 24

14 And the great God has had mercy on us, and made these things known unto us that we might not perish; yea, and he has made these things known unto us beforehand, because he loveth our souls as well as he loveth our children; therefore, in his mercy he doth visit us by his angels, that the plan of salvation might be made known unto us as well as unto future generations. 15 Oh, how merciful is our God! And now behold, since it has been as much as we could do to get our stains taken away from us, and our swords are made bright, let us hide them away that they may be kept bright, as a testimony to our God at the last day, or at the day that we shall be brought to stand before him to be judged, that we have not stained our swords in the blood of our brethren since he imparted his word unto us and has made us clean thereby. 16 And now, my brethren, if our brethren seek to destroy us, behold, we will hide away our swords, yea, even we will bury them deep in the earth, that they may be kept bright, as a testimony that we have never used them, at the last day; and if our brethren destroy us, behold, we shall go to our God and shall be saved.

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