An Interactive Post: Seven Sunday Gratitudes – 21st Edition

Today’s post is interactive. Take 5 minutes to watch the video below (if it won’t work, click here) and then tell me (in the comments) the first seven things that you think of that you are grateful for. Ready… GO!

Here are my Seven Speedy Gratitudes today:

  1. I have a body that works the way it’s supposed to, for the most part, if I take care of it.
  2. This video gives me motivation to take care of the body I have.
  3. I can use actual hands, legs, and feet when I give service.
  4. This video gives me motivation to say, “Yes!” when I want to say, “no”.
  5. I can legally drive.
  6. I can swim when I want to.
  7. If a guy like Chris can be an example of happiness, service, and confidence, there is nothing to stop me either.

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