Have a Happy Independence Day! Celebrate by Lighting Things on Fire and Watching Them Explode

I love Independence Day! Be safe with your fireworks, people.

One of the interesting things I recently did a little research on is The Star-Spangled Banner, our national anthem. As I started listening to different versions of this stalwart song, I ran across this wonderful story about how it came to be written. This story gave me a renewed appreciation for the great courage and sacrifice that allows us to wave it high. I can only imagine the amount of dead and wounded who were inside the walls of Fort McHenry as the British fleet unleashed everything they had, in an attempt to make the Americans there surrender.

On this 4th of July, take a little time to review the wonderful story of how we came to have this song. Also, have a great time out there, and be safe while you are lighting your fireworks.

I also recommend listening to a full length version of the anthem. It’s sad that so many Americans don’t know the answer to the question asked in the first two verses of the song.



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