April Fool’s Day Silliness

Jester hatI am not always on the ball with the “small” holidays. Things like St. Patrick’s Day and April Fool’s Day tend to hit me as an afterthought on the day of. I have had shining moments in the past where my children learned what “short-sheeting the bed” meant or found the bags of cereal switched around into different boxes. Mostly though, the April Fool’s jokes became the specialty of the kids, with Mei Guo and Miss Electric leading the mischief. Now that I think about it, Rainbow was pretty good at it too when she was growing up. Her’s was a sneakier, more subtle style.

IMG_20140401_204952Rainbow and Miss Electric haven’t been around for several years of April Fool’s Days, but Mei Guo still carries the torch. Today I found my bathroom mirrors covered with a serious case of spots, though I believe that Casi might have had something to do with that as well.

IMG_20140401_172952Mei Guo also made a large pan of brown “E”s. The most confusing thing about that was that the house smelled like brownies, so when anyone went to find the brownies, they were even more let down by the discovery. In the end, she switched them out for the real thing, but it was confusing to see her walking down the hall eating a brownie, when you knew that all you’d seen in the kitchen was a bunch of “E”s.IMG_20140401_173018

When I went to fix dinner, I found the food in the fridge had acquired google eyes.


winner-winner, veggie dinner 🙂IMG_20140401_174039


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