“How Often Do You Smurf?” and Ephraim’s Rescue Movie – Two Separate Family Nights

Spiritually Prepared

Last week Arctic Boy was assigned to teach the lesson in Family Home Evening. He used this quote from President Thomas S. Monson’s concluding talk at the April 2013 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

“As this conference now concludes, I invoke the blessings of heaven upon each of you. May your homes be filled with peace, harmony, courtesy, and love. May they be filled with the Spirit of the Lord. May you nurture and nourish your testimonies of the gospel, that they will be a protection to you against the buffetings of Satan.
Until we meet again in six months, I pray that the Lord will bless and keep you, my brothers and sisters. May His promised peace be with you now and always.”

Arctic Boy followed this up by talking about how important it is/was that we prepared ourselves to listen to the LDS General Conference that we just had this past Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 5th and 6th. He emphasized that if we were prepared to listen to the counsel of our Church leaders, we would have the same blessings that President Monson spoke about in the last conference. It was a good lesson and a good reminder about preparing our hearts to receive counsel that would bless our lives.

The Smurfs are a Belgian cartoon. If you go to this website you can have some fun finding out about the “real” Smurfs that our family’s silly game is named after.

Then We Played the SMURF GAME!

This game is so much fun. The way it works is one person in the group is sent out of the room, while the rest of the group decides together what the secret action word or phrase will be, such as “giving a hug”. Then the person comes back in and starts asking a series of questions, similar to Twenty Questions, but there’s no limit on the number of questions or the way those questions can be answered. For example: “So, Mei Guo, how often do you Smurf?” Mei Guo might reply, “Oh, I Smurf several times a day. In fact, I Smurfed right after dinner tonight,” and so on goes the questioning, until the person guessing finally figures out what “Smurfing” is. The last person to answer a question about “Smurfing” is the next person to go out. It’s a game that guarantees a lot of laughs.

Miss Sassy leaves for her Spanish-speaking mission in California in just – yikes – nine days.

First she’ll go for language and teaching training in Mexico for six weeks, and then back up to California. Anyway, her FHE request for last night, was that we watch the movie Ephraim’s Rescue. This is the story of a man, Ephraim Hanks, who was important in the rescue of the Mormon Handcart Companies that got a late start in the season and nearly froze and starved to death as they walked across the country to join the other members of the church in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a movie that shows the heartbreak, and pain, as well as the hope of those early members, that God would bless them in their sacrifices. There were many sorrows and many miracles that followed in their frozen, blood-stained footprints. Ephraim was an instrument in many of those miracles. I highly recommend this show if you can find it somewhere on DVD and watch it. The link for the movie trailer is posted below.

winner-winner, veggie dinner 🙂

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