Girls Night – Strength Through Friendship


Recently I had Girls’ Night at my house. As my friends arrived, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing each one of these women is. Among them, some have suffered and survived spouse abuse, parental abuse, sex abuse, serious illness, and the deep sorrow of seeing a child throw away life’s grand opportunities in exchange for the demoralizing call of drugs. Some have survived  the trauma of divorce and are braving the waters of the dating world. We have military wives and mothers in our group who are as courageous as the men to whom they are married. I’m learning from each of them how to live gracefully and joyfully through the adventures and catastrophes of life.

Girls’ Night exists so that we can get together and remind each other how to laugh. We share our joyful moments as well as share our sorrows and cry and lift one another up. I suppose you could say we laugh until we cry, and we cry until we laugh, and we feel so much better when we are done. I love each one of them. They will never know how wonderfully they have impacted my life, except that I know our time together has blessed each of them in similar ways. We each see the world differently, based on our own unique experiences, but we see each other through the same lens of love. I count them as one of God’s greatest blessings in my life.

Have you had a Girls Night recently? Maybe it’s time you did! What are some things you’ve done at your Girls Nights that you loved?

Winner-Winner, Veggie Dinner 🙂

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