Recent Things I’ve Googled: Archery, Recipes, Poisons, Oh My!

I was noticing what a broad range of topics I’ve Googled lately. It makes me wonder sometimes, if a government was collecting data about me, what kind of person would they think I am? Here’s a partial list of recent topics:

  • Merrell Trail Glove running shoes – there are so many more colors available online than in the local store! Why doesn’t the store offer to special order for you?
  • Common Poisons – I’m looking for a poison that creates lethargy, brain fog, and digestive or respiratory problems when given chronically at a low dose and which symptoms will gradually clear when exposure is stopped. I’m considering the possibility of homeopathically inducing symptoms. (In a book character! sheesh.)
  • Cayenne heat ointment – to get the correct texture for making a heating balm with a cayenne base.
  • Halloween Half-Marathon
  • Archery techniques
  • Butterbeer recipes
  • Toad-in-a-hole recipes
  • Natural remedies for gout – no, I don’t suffer with this.
  • Store hours for Costco
  • A reverse phone look-up –  to locate someone whose wallet my son found while hiking. (Ok, I didn’t Google this, I suggested it to Mr. Hot Stuff though and he did it.)
From this list we see that I have an interest in super-light and quiet shoes and I’m probably a witch who buys her supplies at Costco. Or I’m a stalker who may have witch-like super powers, and can run long distances – except for when I’m suffering from arthritis or gout. Right.
winner-winner, chicken-dinner 🙂

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