Early Morning Writing, New Running Shoes, and a Visit from the Irish Part of the Family on the Occasion of Harry Potter 7 Part 2


Too busy writing to write? That sounds crazy but it seems like squeezing water from rocks to get the time to write anything. Lately I’ve been getting up at 5 a.m. to work on my book. Some days I get so much done, but other days, I write for half an hour and then fight to stay awake. Still, it seems to help so much to start the day by getting the story line in my mind. That way I can work better during some of the cracks of time that come up during the day. Some of the other writers in my class at WIFYR live near me and we have formed a small writers’ group to give feedback and help each other along. Our first meeting was this past Friday and it was very nice to start up. Now my main challenge is coming up with ten pages for review every two weeks. Yay! The motivation of deadlines.

Arctic Boy has been a hiking machine lately, even going to the extent of getting his dad up at 5 a.m. to take an early morning hike. Lucky Mr. Hot Stuff – I’d never survive a steep 4 mile hike  in under two hours. They on the other hand, seem invigorated by it. My knees creak thinking about it. Where is the ibuprofen?

I have got a new pair of Merrell trail glove running shoes. I love them. They are so lightweight and flexible. Believe it though, when people say that you need to plan time to get used to them. I ran a couple of miles in them on Monday and on Tuesday my calf muscles were so stiff that I walked in a rather arthritic fashion. The most difficult part was that there was no pain while I was sitting down and so I would forget about the stiffness. Then I would stand up and suddenly be hit anew with yelling muscles. This was nothing though, compared to the hobbled way I staggered down any stairs or slopes. I seriously considered the painless advantage of sitting down and sliding. The second day was much better and I hardly stammered in my walk at all, although the “going downhill” still brought a grimace.

Miss Sassy’s 17th  birthday is near and she is very excited. She has been invited to the Journey concert one evening this week, and another date the next night.   Ah, such excitement! How does she do it?

In honor of the release of the final Harry Potter movie, and the coinciding visit of my “Irish” niece and nephews, we had quite an adventurous weekend. We had dragon burgers, butterbeer, New Improved Hagrid’s Stew, Pumpkin Juice, and trifle, among other wizard-style foods. We went to the late showing of the movie and in general had a great time. It may take me days to recover from all the fun.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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