Weight Gain, Anemia, Heavy Metal Poisoning – Can It Get Any Better Than That?

Oh, I’m sure it can.

Let’s top it off by sending Mr. Hot Stuff back to China. Again. (Note to readers: This is not my Happy Post and there is more than a little of my Inner Brat showing up. If you need a Happy Post, stop reading now.) Personally, I’m wondering if we couldn’t resurrect (it’s Easter, right?) and send Diogenes and his lantern, if not instead, then also. Why can’t people just be honest? Why must they be babysat the whole way along? We moved back to the U.S. 10 weeks ago. 5 of those weeks Mr. Hot Stuff has spent back in China. The 5 he’s been here, he’s worked 14 hours a day.

So Easter is coming up. Please don’t give me junk food. Of any kind. My waist really doesn’t need it, and it won’t communicate a message of “I love you and I’m thinking of you”. I don’t want it and it will end up in the trash. No, I won’t donate it to anyone else. 😛

I’m slowly getting all this health mess back on track. Iodide supplements feed thyroid and chelate mercury, iron for the anemia, adrenal support supplements because those glands get stressed when you have all the other stuff going on, multi-vitamins, blah, blah, blah. Does any of this have a quick fix? Nope. Just keep choking it all down for the next 6 months to 1 year; suck it up and keep going. Also track food intake and exercise daily. At least here the air is cleaner and being outside is more enjoyable (when it’s not too cold).

There seem to be some people who think that there are better things I should be doing with my time than writing and blogging. If you are one of them, and the way I “waste my time” bothers you, please unsubscribe, delete my bookmark, and move on. When God sends a message that I should be doing something else, then I’ll do it. For now, I’m sticking with the inspiration/spiritual push I felt to do what I’m doing now.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. I love your honesty AND your blog!
    I’m so sorry you are feeling so bad.
    I wish Mr. Hot Stuff could stay home.
    I promise NOT to bring you any icky
    treats for Easter. Cross my heart!!
    Tell me what you’d like instead….


    • This will work out perfect for me! My new plan is to tell everyone that as your dear friend, I have decided to help bear your burdens by consuming any and all treats you will be missing out on. This way when I blog about having to lose weight I can blame the extra pounds on the fact that it is the price I pay for being such a good friend. So thank you! And if I can be serious for a moment, how about we get healthy together and by the time he gets back from China you’ll be feeling and looking great?! I dont care what kind of vitamins or meds they give you, sometimes the best cure is just having someone else to lean on. So, lets find some time to LEAN.


      • LOL! June, I think you missed the part where I mentioned junk food going in the trash!? Call me, I’d love to work on getting healthy together. I’ve tried to call you but no one answers the phone!


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