Shanghai begins construction of China’s first Sino-American university

Sexton estimated that the university would accommodate about 3,000 Chinese and international students in the future, two thirds of whom would be undergraduates.

The syllabuses and curricula of NYU Shanghai would follow the examples of world-leading universities, and the new university would feature all-around education, English lectures and small classes that encourage open discussions, Yu said.

via Shanghai begins construction of China’s first Sino-American university.

“Open discussions”. Hmm, I wonder how well that’s going to work out? Perhaps there will only be “open discussions” on a tightly limited and controlled list of subjects.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. Excellent post. My experience is that they are ‘open’ to discuss anything just as long as it does not involve ‘state security’ which can and often does cover almost anything.

    I have attended university here and been told that there are certain subjects that cannot be broached. My university has several professors under house arrest, and I have even been told that copies of the teachers notes would not be distributed to the class per mandate of the Chinese government. When looking at it under this light, one has to wonder how ‘free and open’ the discussion will be.
    I think you bring up an excellent point here.


    • Yeah, it’s the whole “house arrest” thing that could make it unmotivating for professors to host “open discussions”. Especially in light of the recent crack-down and arrests of people “disrupting the social order”.


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