Miss Sassy is a Princess with a Crown

Today I took Miss Sassy back to our dentist, Dr. Harley Davidson. We know she is a princess because now she has a crown. 😉 At this point, I think she’s ready to sell all her teeth to the Tooth fairy and use the money she would get to pay for new ones with harder enamel. I suppose walking out of the dentist’s office with your entire mouth numb would encourage those sentiments.

On a lighter note, Miss Sassy can now safely drive around in an empty parking lot, without fear of going through a fence, driving over the sidewalk, or into a brick wall. Happy Day! Tomorrow she gets to try a bigger parking lot. Does anyone know where my orange traffic cones went? I had some here before we moved to China and now they seem to be gone….

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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