“I Just Fainted, But I’m OK Now.”

It was one of those days where nothing goes as planned, but everything still flows smoothly. Thank Heaven.

I had two great phone calls today. One from Mei Guo, who has turned into a social butterfly and is really loving it, and one from Mr. Hot Stuff, who is working his awesome problem-solving skills in China. It was great to talk to them both. Mr. Hot Stuff will have to delay his return to the U.S. by a few days though. He’s got to take the proper time to work through all the lawyer stuff before he comes back. I think it’s remarkable how well he’s mediating this challenge and I’m glad he’s got a reputation for integrity so that people on both sides of the problem will trust him.

After the nice phone conversations, I started working on cleaning up my old laptop for hand-me-down use to Miss Sassy. Updating security programs and clean-up programs and running them all can really take a long time! In the midst of this technologically enlightened project, I got a text from Miss Sassy at school:

“I just fainted.”

What???! Really???! Dash off to the school to find out what’s going on. The teacher had no idea this had happened. It looked to her like Miss Sassy had just fallen asleep at her desk. Nonetheless, I insisted over dizzy daughter’s protestations that she was “fine now”, that we were going straight to the doctor’s office. Everything checked out normal but I’m really glad we went. It was a scary event for her to faint and I don’t think she’d have done too well for the rest of school. She was pretty shocky afterward and when we finished at the doctor’s, we had lunch and then she fell asleep on my bed for three-and-a-half hours.

Last night’s WISH teleconference with Carol Look was wonderful. I didn’t expect to enjoy the free seminar/interviews as much as I have so far, but they’ve been interesting. You just have to know how to translate some of the “New Age” jargon, which for me at least, is no big deal. I look forward to the next one tonight.

This weekend is the Ignite Your Spark conference that I signed up for last month, thanks to a good friend who told me about it. I’m getting really excited to go to that. I don’t know if I’ll have time to blog over the weekend as a result, but I hope to. If I learn anything awesome I can share, I’ll be sure to do it. 🙂

“Sometimes God calms the storm. Other times He calms the man in the boat.” – Elder Groberg. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s calm. I really felt it today. I know everything was easier because of Him.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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