Ms. Peachpit Destroys the Wonderful, Official, Paper Permit

Chop, Chop, Chop

Remember how I mentioned that Miss Sassy got her learner’s permit for driving? Well, yesterday, she took the Wonderful, Official, Paper Permit to school because Ms. Peachpit, the driver’s ed teacher, has said she needs to photocopy it. Miss Sassy happily announced that she had passed the test and had her Wonderful, Official, Paper Permit. Ms. Peachpit took the document, photocopied it, handed Miss Sassy the photocopy and proceeded to cut, with her ruthless scissors, the Wonderful, Official, Paper Permit into a much abbreviated size before Miss Sassy could say anything. She was heart-broken but kept her smile on her face. That was her Wonderful,  Official, Paper Permit that she had worked so hard for. Still, she assumed that this was what she’d seen Ms. Peachpit do with all of the other students’  WOPP’s, so she kept her mouth shut and sat down.

She came home from school and while talking about her day, recounted this experience and her painful heart-wrenching moment of having her WOPP taken away from her. I jumped in suddenly and said, “What?! She did WHAT? Go get that copy and let me see it.” Sure enough, the WOPP was no more. What Miss Sassy now owns is a worthless piece of paper that has reinforced to her what the letters V-O-I-D mean.

Really Ticked Off is a polite way of describing how I feel about this. I realize it was just an inattentive mistake of the moment, but now guess who gets to go back down to the Drivers’ Licence Division and get a new one? And Who “gets” to pay, hmm??? Miss Sassy is going to talk to her teacher tomorrow morning and text me what the outcome is afterward.  Ms. Peachpit better be careful or I might morph into my (other) alter-ego, the Queen of Hearts – “Off with her head!”

After finishing the evening successfully helping Miss Sassy with math (YAY!), she patted my arm and said, “Don’t worry. Another problem’s coming.” I laughed so hard.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

Update: Miss Sassy talked to her teacher this morning. Apparently two copies were made. Miss Sassy saw the teacher cut up the second copy, thinking it was the original. What actually happened was the original was left, forgotten, in the copier. She has the original back now. Whew. 🙂

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