At the Dentist Do You Get a Crown… And a Date?

This Sure Beats a Toy From the Treasure Chest:

Miss Sassy has weak teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Harley Davidson has recommended that she marry a dentist. We asked him if he had anyone he could introduce her to who might one day meet that description. He recommended his son, Gnarley Davidson (age 17), and actually called him on the phone to come to his office and meet her. Yeah, it was a little weird and awkward for the two young people involved, especially for Miss Sassy in ‘The Chair’, but he’s got her number now. We’ll see if anything actually materializes.

Another Funny Thing:

Dr. Harley Davidson wants Gnarley and Miss Sassy to make it a double date, simultaneously hooking up Miss Bee and his oldest son, Harley Davidson, Jr.  Miss Bee’s response was,  “That’s fine, but blind dates never work out.” She then proceeded to tell us about a girl she knew who met her husband on a blind date… umm…? Miss Sassy said, “You never know, the guy is pretty hot.”

What I really want to know is where did Miss Sassy learn her skill? She can go dancing with friends one night, and end up with dates with five different guys. Now she goes to the dentist and her magic works there as well. All I can say is, it would have been nice to have this skill when I was her age.

winner-winner, chickendinner 🙂

P.S. Dr. Harley Davidson, we love you! You are the best dentist ever.

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