Postponing the Big Purge, Yet Again

My body must have sensed it. I had big plans last week for dejunking and decluttering. There must be some subconscious fear (would it be my Inner Brat) that I have that requires I avoid doing such things at all costs, because I got a body-slamming cold that put me to sleep for at least half of the week. Mostly the morning half, and it made me useless for the afternoon half. Okay, I can go with the flow. Sleep is healing, right? Just postpone the Big Purge till the next week.

Well, it’s the next week now and so apparently my Lazy Inner Brat is still not able to let go of Stuff, because my back went SPROING on Saturday night and now it hurts to carry a gallon of milk from the fridge to the table. These are the times I’m grateful I’ve lead a mostly television-free life. Sure reading is great and I’m doing plenty of it, but watching Chef Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” on Hulu sure helps break up the monotony. By the time I’m through this week, I may have watched the entire three seasons.

Between eating breakfast and reading a book this morning (I recommend Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson to anyone with teen girls – fun read), I stepped into the bathroom just as Mr. T got into the shower. I made a mental apology for flushing before I pushed the lever and then remembered that the crazy guy takes cold showers. Need I remind you it’s January? I’m beginning to think I named the wrong son Arctic Boy. If you never turn on the hot for the shower, you won’t be scalded with it when someone flushes in another bathroom. Mental apology rescinded.

Mr. Hot Stuff has been There and Back Again (China) in the last couple of weeks. He got to see Mei Guo and took her with him to Taiwan. They had a great time together and now she’s back in China to face the Long Holiday called Chinese New Year. That’s a tough haul with no school and no family to take your mind of the cold and the aloneness (eating Cantonese food, no less – bleh). Hang in there, Sweetie! I got some good books on Kindle so that should be a help. 😉

In my couch-potato-ness I have yet again killed the sourdough starter (pretty sure anyway, haven’t actually looked) by starvation this time. Didn’t put it in the fridge and didn’t feed it. It is possible however, that it’s cold enough in this house to have sent it into hibernation without the necessity of the refrigerator. I thought I left crummy house-heating behind in China???

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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