I Can’t Believe I Slept Till Noon!

So I’ve been sick this last week and it just sapped all my energy and quickly erased all my big plans to dejunk and reorganize. I never sleep late in the morning, but this week I would wake up to make sure the family machine was working properly and then go collapse back into bed and sleep until around noon. It’s been strange to do this but I think it’s helped me a lot. I’m still fighting the cough and I don’t have my voice back, but the cough is getting better much faster than it usually has in the past (maybe because I’m sleeping so much).

Arctic Boy is back in school now and it makes the house so quiet (thus enabling the sleeping till noon). Mr. T is around some mornings but he’s not exactly a loud person. This is the FIRST TIME in my entire motherhood life that all my children have been in school! May I say, It’s Wonderful! I have some time for my brain to be my own while I do my own work (or sleep, like this week). Homeschooling was mostly great, but a lot of work and mental power goes into that and I’m happy it’s over. Now then, I think I’ll take another nap…

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


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  1. You are on the right track – I found much to my dismay that it took 1 week of lotsa rest to get rid of the cough – along with antibiotics – and one more week of lotsa rest to keep it gone.


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