Gratitude Given Imperfectly – A Thanksgiving Habit, Day 7

I’m thankful that we are permitted to meet together for church here in China. Today we were not able to meet at our regular place for church because it’s in a high security zone for the Asia Games. Because of this, we separated into groups of about 20 people each and met in separate homes for just a short meeting. One group met at my house. This was good because it gave motivation to get the house clean. Company is always good for that, isn’t it?

It was a nice meeting. I’m also very glad we’ll be able to meet all together again next week. Originally we were told we would not be able to meet there for seven weeks, until the Asia Games were over. Happily we got that all straightened out and will only have to miss a week or two at our regular meeting place.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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