Gratitude Given Imperfectly – A Thanksgiving Habit Day 6 – Guangzhou Surprises

I am thankful for today and all the opportunities that came with it.

Tonight we went into Guangzhou to hunt down an Indian food restaurant we’d heard about and to see the Asia Games lights by the river. The restaurant wasn’t the one we’d heard about, but it was still very good and it was close to the river. I had the opportunity to try masala lassi for the first time and I really liked it. I can’t drink the other lasis because they have sugar added to them which messes up my body. This one was a little saltier than I liked but still very good.

It turned out that tonight was the second dress rehearsal for the opening ceremonies. Which meant fireworks. We couldn’t see them from the restaurant, but their flashing colors reflected off the buildings all around us. After dinner we walked down closer to the river and could really see some of the fireworks. They launch them off the skyscrapers and bridges. It’s pretty amazing to see it.

It took us a bit of rambling around to try and find our way back to the metro station. It’s tough to be completely lost when you have GPS on your cell phone, but still tricky if the roads are blocked off for security purposes. At one point we wandered into a dead-end where there were quite a few people. We wondered why. Suddenly we knew because right in front of us on the other side of the barricade were launched a whole bunch of very loud, very bright fireworks. It was quite startling and very exciting.

After this we took a few more detours, saw some more fireworks and then finally made it to the metro to return home. It was a long evening for the feet, but very worth it.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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