Toiletology 101: Could Someone Come Teach This to the Chinese?

Toiletology 101: Replacing the Toilet Wax Sealing Ring or Flange.

This is disgusting. And lame. Both places I’ve lived in China and nearly everyone I’ve talked to here says, yeah, they’ve had that problem too, shrugs their shoulders and adds, “But what can you do? It’s China.”

The problem? Nasty water leaking from the base of your toilet bowl creating a puddle of mystery water that is more revolting than mysterious. “Don’t worry, it will be okay,” your landlord says, “you can just mop it up.” uh-huh. :-l (This is me straight-facing. That’s what my kids used to call it when I wasn’t smiling, but I wasn’t biting off anyone’s head. Yet.)

So I have this great idea. Someone please come to China and do a service mission (not proselyting, just service) to teach the Chinese plumbers how to install a wax sealing ring when the toilet is first installed. Please? I mean, any job worth doing may be worth doing badly, at least at first, but eventually, one has to learn and improve, right?

This is so eeewww. Oh, and while you’re at it kind plumber-teachers, will you teach them the magic of the U-bend too?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. Hahaha, so true. One would think that after 5000 years they would figure this out right- I mean toilet sanitation. Actually wouldn’t you agree that everything about their toilets is disgusting, so on this mission of love tell them to not stop there.
    I think their definition of what is acceptable in terms of personal hygiene is light years from what most of the world believes.
    Good posts and the arctic one was quite entertaining.


  2. Cool Article! My spouse and i had been simply just debating that there’s a whole lot absolutely wrong details at this matter and also you precisely replaced the belief. Many thanks for a marvelous contribute.


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