The Gentle Rap-Tap Tapping of A Chinese “Massage Woman” at Your Door (via Understanding China, One Blog at a Time)

This guy has written a good post about the prevalence of girls in China who prostitute themselves in order to have more conveniences and improve their social standing. I think it’s important to realize what happens when an entire country sacrifices all reasons for upholding a moral ideal. Please read it.
winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

You like the title eh? Well its true, or partially true. Whats that you ask- go ahead ask. The truth is that in China there are hookers, and a lot of them. Of course prostitution is illegal here, but so is fraud and bribery-ooops. What i mean to say is that the country is moving towards the rule of law and is trying very hard to improve its standard of living, and therein lies the rub. In this country improving one's standard of living give you f … Read More

via Understanding China, One Blog at a Time

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