Yep, There Go the Prices (Look Up)

Don’t you just hate it when the dentist says, “Now you’ll just feel a little pinch,” and then suddenly all ten of your toenails are screaming?

We’ve had a lot of visitors to church lately due to the Canton Fair, which I’ve heard is quite cool to visit, but I’ve never actually been sooo…yeah. Anyway the article below is regarding vendors’ worries at the Canton Fair.

China Toymakers Reject Customers as Yuan Gains Threaten Margins

““My boss orders us to turn down all the orders for the good of the company” because China’s yuan may rise, crimping profit margins, said Liang as she sipped pu-er tea in a corner of her stand. “Even first-class economists can’t predict whether the yuan will appreciate or by how much. How could we?”

The country’s toymakers accept profit margins of as narrow as 3 percent to stay competitive. The low profitability, coupled with payment periods of three months or more, means they are particularly vulnerable to currency fluctuations….”

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