Foshan Ancestral Temple: Cantonese Opera, Temple, and Wing Chun Disciples Hall

Foshan Ancestral Temple: Cantonese Opera, Temple, and Wing Chun Disciples Hall

Tradition used to be that all Cantonese Operas must first be performed and successful on this stage before they could be performed anywhere else in China. The round cement seats were for the higher-class people, the benches one step down, and the paved ground for all the common people. The highest of all though, and the one to whom all performances were dedicated was/is the North God, Shuen Wu, the water god. Foshan was originally named after Shuen Wu (a Shinto god), but then Buddhism became more common and upon discovery of 3 buried Buddhas, the city’s name was changed to Fo (Buddha) Shan (small mountain) in the year 628 (It hard for me to imagine a city so old, being American). The current Chinese calendar year is 4708, so that’s really old. I’m just going to post all these photos and use captions to explain the rest as needed. You might have to view the slideshow twice to see the captions. I think they cycle off and on.

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Whew! That took more work than I expected!

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂



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  1. Great shots and actually I like the comments. Its not like you go into too much detail so that the reader gets bored, you give just enough for it to make sense and compel us to read more. The travel posts have a good feel.


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