Shanghai Expo Breaks Visitor Target (It’s all about “face”.)

Shanghai Expo breaks visitor target: organisers – Yahoo! News.

I find it interesting that they are mum about the amount of money made or lost or even the number of tickets sold. You should have seen the contortionistic tactics they were coming up with last spring to increase the visitor numbers. All public school students had free tickets and schools were “strongly encouraged” to bring them. Chinese businesses got large group discounts for bringing their employees. I’d expect they’d meet the “visitor target”. In other countries, that number would only be significant as it related to the amount of money that exchanged hands. Ah well, welcome to China.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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  1. Great post and actually the really scary thing is what lies underneath. Its how sneaky and utterly lacking in morals China is. They join the world now and what do we, the responsible get from it? We get pollution, problems, toxic toys, lied to, and we put up with it. I really wonder what in the heck we as a global village are thinking. Great job and keep on posting…


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