Blueberry Bliss at Samu

We went to Sam’s Club a couple of days ago. I think Samu (that’s what they call it here) is the bomb. They sell all kinds of amazing things that you can’t find just anywhere, like vacuum cleaners and high-power hair dryers, and every kind of alcohol in fancy bottles (whoa, did you see the price for that stuff??? I could buy a non-counterfeit i-pad for that price.).  I don’t drink, I don’t have rugs or carpet, I did buy my hair-dryer there about a year ago. Then you go upstairs. Actually you go up this sort of people-shopping-cart conveyor belt that looks a little like an escalator with out the steps.

Stepping off the conveyolator, you step into a world of warehouse-priced and sized assortments of every kind of Chinese food you could imagine, with some Western stuff thrown in for good measure. The first section is the bakery section with all sorts of delicious-looking baked foods. This section has lots of samples, which is a really good thing, because while some of the baked goods are delish’, like the walnut-date bread, many others will leave you shaking your head and feeling bitterly disappointed. That may have looked like a fruit pie at first but it was really red bean paste in there. Next we come to the deli section with every variety of pizza including tuna fish pizza, mixed meat pizza (hotdog pizza anyone?), and, thank you, cheese pizza. Keep going and find the butchers counter (I’ve never looked too closely, it’s always very crowded) and the big “fish island” in the middle with all kinds of fish swimming in aquariums, and other (dead) exotic water animals such as turtles, and octopus, and alligator. I’ve posted pictures of the alligator before I think, not doing that again today.

Here’s the AWESOMEST thing though. On Saturday, I discovered they sell American butter. Samu, I love you. You are my beautifulest friend in the world and lovely, kindness rainbow goodness. (I’m practicing my adjectival superfluity ala China here.) New Zealand butter is good, but it’s just not the same. Then, after we bought some other things, like olive oil, flour, crackers, cereal, and “pure milk” (I always worry a little about that one), we found 100% blueberry juice. Nectar of Mt. Olympus!


blueberry juice
Blueberry bliss!


Blueberry juice! Of course I bought some and it will disappear, lickety-split. ($10 U.S. for a six pack – can you tell I stopped economizing on food a long time ago?) It will be bliss…

See in the U.S. you can buy exotic Zango drinks made from mangosteens which are a really ugly fruit that hides a delicious secret. These drinks cost a small fortune. (Like maybe $10 for a 6-pack…) Here in China, when mangosteens are in season, we really enjoy them a lot (as long as those teeny bugs aren’t hiding under the blossom leaflet parts – shudder). But berries are a rare thing in China and you pay a really high price for them when you find them. Blueberries are always imported and don’t always look too good. Mulberries grow here somewhere but are usually picked pretty green for transportation reasons. So you can understand a little of my joy about blueberry juice, no sugar added. YUM.

We got to the register to pay and when they scanned my membership card, it said “see host”. I’m guessing it’s nearly time to renew our membership, I wish we didn’t have to renew so soon, I doubt I’ll use the card once we are back in the U.S. It’s a little far from where we live, and Costco is so much closer there. Oh well, that’s the price of ecstasy in shopping in China.

Green drinks are great, but sometimes you’ve just gotta have purple!

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂 (with blueberry juice!)

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