Hello world! Yet Another Migration

So I went to post to my Windows Live blog and got the “exciting” news that they are migrating all the blogs over to WordPress. Cool. Generally no big deal, but from here in China, it could be a teeny problem since “The Great Firewall” blocks all the WordPress blogs. The only way to access them is through a proxy server, which is most likely considered a no-no, but what’s a girl to do? I have made a sincere effort to maintain this blog through approved ways, but since we’re moving back to the U.S. before Christmas, I’m not going to sweat it anymore. It’s not worth the energy.

Last week was the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. A festival which almost no Chinese person can tell you why they celebrate it other than, “It’s tradition”. Now, I know why they celebrate it, Canadians probably know why they celebrate it, and almost anyone outside of China could, with a little thought figure out why there might be a celebration during the Harvest Moon. Many countries have some sort of giving-thanks celebration, but if you call it something like Thanksgiving in China, then the question might follow about who we are thanking. That might not be something the government here wants people thinking about too much.

Coming next week is the October Chinese National Day. It involves fireworks (really loud) and pride of country, somewhat like the U.S. celebrates Independence Day on the 4th of July. And yes, the Chinese are very proud of their country and highly patriotic. Interestingly, a lot of expats leave China then and travel to other countries in Asia. After all, you’ve gotta take advantage of vacation time when it comes and who looks a 6 day vacation gift-horse in the mouth?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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