Whirlwind Summer

Well, Miss B. arrived safely and without any glitches. Having her back was wonderful. We followed her arrival with a whirlwind of summer activities, that I think overwhelmed her at first, but with Mr. Hot Stuff only in the U.S. for just under a month (stupid tax laws), we wanted to get some good family time in before he left.

The rest of our time was spent trying to restock and resupply and attend camps, and youth conferences, and Education week and visit with extended family as well as make school and living arrangements for Miss S. It was really insanely busy. Throwing in several unexpected doctor visits and health glitches made life even more exciting. Fortunately the health problems seem to be settling out o.k.
Miss M. flew back to China a week before Mr. J. and I did. She needed to get living arrangements made before her Chinese classes at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies started the next week.  I’m so glad Mr. Hot Stuff was here to help her get everything worked out and arranged. Things like this are not exactly a “fall into place” event like at U.S. colleges. Also, in China, who you know can be even more important than what you know. Happily we know some influential people (for some reason, Mormons seem to float to the top).
Our plan to have Mr. J. do the Utah Electronic High School was knocked off kilter when we discovered that the quarterly exams had to be proctored in Utah. Ppfft. Plan B: Call the school district and see what they recommend we do. That was a smart move. They recommended The American Academy online school. I checked it out and was very glad to see that the courses and credits matched up almost exactly with what Mr. J would be taking at the public school. Happy Day! I double-checked everything with his counselor at the Jr. High to make sure his credits would all transfer over and he’d be able to just sort of drop into classes when we return. We got the all-go from her and went ahead and paid the money to TAA. Nothing like cutting it close – we got this all taken care of just two days before our flight back to China.
We made it back to China safely and met Mr. Hot Stuff and Grandpa and Uncle S. in Beijing. Mr. J. went touristing off with them and I flew on home to Guangzhou.
The saga will continue… later.

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