One Week till We See Miss B!!!

Miss B will be coming home from Argentina in a week! It’s amazing how the time has flown. I’m so excited to see her. I have a hunch though, that she may miss her connecting flight in Atlanta because she only has an hour and a half layover to collect her luggage, go through immigration and customs and board her flight to SLC. Yikes! Please keep her return journey in your prayers.

We’ve been shopping like crazy here since we returned, replacing worn out clothes and household items that have gone strangely missing (college students – gotta love ’em!) – where did all the washcloths go???
Miss S has EFY next week. Hopefully she will get the wardrobe bomb that exploded in her bedroom cleaned up before then…
We have found a wonderful family for Miss S to live with during the fall semester of school. I am excited for her, I think she will enjoy it and grow a lot from the experience. Mr. Hot Stuff and I, Mr. J and Miss M will be returning to China at the end of summer, leaving behind a houseful of adult children. I wonder what else will disappear…

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