Surrounded by Frog Princes (That’s plural for prince, not a misspelling of princess)

It is frog season.  Frogs are really loud.  Around here they make several different kinds of sounds, the most prominent being a loud bark.  We have a frog living in our fountain area that sounds just like your neighbors obnoxious bull dog with it’s low, loud, "woof".  I think ours is the lowest toned frog in the neighborhood.  The normal hours for barking frogs is about 5:30 a.m. until about 3:30 a.m. the next morning.  I believe that frogs observe a two-hour period of silence during the night during which they are busy meditating on their true princely natures.  I believe those hours are possibly when the mosquitoes are at their minimum activity also, so it would make sense, I guess.

And how does a person sleep when the frogs are barking, you ask?  Well, some people don’t sleep well at all.  those of us who do, have learned a few things:
1) Frogs are our friends, they eat mosquitoes and other mean, biting bugs.  
2) A quiet frog is an off-duty frog.  Frogs must proudly proclaim their on-duty status to the world. They don’t have Facebook, so can you really begrudge them?
3) There is no way on earth you will ever get them all to shut up at the same time (except for the afore-mentioned two hour period of princely silence – bless them!), so you might as well stop fretting about it.  Just tell them to keep up the good work and roll over and go to sleep.
If these steps don’t work for you, that leaves you only a few other, more drastic options:
1) Wear ear-plugs.  How you’ll hear your alarm clock in the morning is your own problem to figure out.
2) Take sleeping pills.  I think the entire six-month frog season is a long time to do that though and you might have a hard time giving them up when the frogs quiet down again.
3) Pull out all your hair and puncture your ear drums so you can’t hear a thing.  Hey, there might be worse things than being bald and deaf.  Not sure I want to find out what they are…

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