Two Sundays ago, I stepped off a curb to flag down a bus and
stepped on an uneven place (there are a lot of those here).  My ankle rolled and I collapsed onto the
street as the bus pulled in to stop. 
Yeah, way to flag down a bus, dress in red and fling yourself to the
road as it approaches, lol.  I felt so
awkward. “Hi, my name is Gracie Lou Freebush.” 
Fortunately, I was able to walk after that so I proceeded to get on the
bus and ride home.  I’ve kept it iced and
elevated and most of the swelling’s gone down, but there are one or two places
that still really hurt.  I don’t know if
I have a hairline fracture or if I just really, really hurt some of the
tendons/tissue.  At any rate, It’s been a
week and two days and walking around on it much really brings a high price in
terms of throbbing pain later.  So now I
splint it up and use crutches and that seems to really be helping a lot.  People ask if I’ve had it x-rayed but I haven’t
because even if there is a fracture (nothing is out of place and the ankle
actually feels pretty stable aside from the pain), I think a having a cast here
and trying to get around with that on, would be much more dangerous than just splinting
it and using crutches.  There is just too
much uneven ground and jouncy busses to be trying to manage with a bulky, heavy
cast.  I have to say, I feel like
Calamity Jane.  It seems like every time
I turn around there is something hazardous trying to slow me down.  This will slow up my preparations for the July
5K but I am determined it will not stop me – I’ll be there with bells on (well
maybe not bells).

Around the corners of our house and by the ponds, lakes, and
sidewalks the shamrocks grow wild.  I
know the story why shamrocks have three leaflets; to remind us of the Godhead,
to help us remember that even under shadowed skies there is cheer and life and
that God is still mindful of us; to give us a reason to look up when we’ve been
looking down.  Thank Heaven for shamrocks
that grow like weeds here everywhere I turn. 
I love their pink and cheery blossoms and their leaves with red
striations.  They are beautiful and they
flourish and bloom in the dimness of the light and make me feel brighter.  I think I’ll take a short walk today,
crutches and all.

When I first hurt my ankle, I thought, “Well this will give
me a good opportunity to get lots of writing done, while I sit around with my
foot up.  Unfortunately, I found that it’s
very difficult to get any writing done when the brain is receiving pain
messages from the ankle. L

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